"God has been moving through Area Teams to reach hundreds of new boys and girls with the gospel. Local volunteers are taking up the mantel of leadership to empower men and women to partner with local churches and reach the next generation with the gospel. Apply today to be a part of your local Area Team and be a part of a group that shares your passion for reaching kids and works together through God’s empowerment to share Jesus with Ontario’s children.


- David Guyatt, Area Teams Director

In size, Ontario is Canada's second-largest province.  In population, Ontario is easily Canada's most populated.  To reach the two million children in Ontario, who don’t know Jesus, it is our desire to build a team of volunteer leaders in every school district who are passionate about reaching the children in their communities.  In partnership with the local church we believe together, we can make a significant impact in reaching Ontario's children.

The members of an Area Team include:

Area Team Coordinator

With strong leadership skills and passion for integrity, the Area Team Coordinator oversees the local Area Team.

Prayer Coordinator

Passionate about prayer and communicating the needs of the ministry; this leader is someone who mobilizes prayer warriors to go before the Throne of Grace for CEF Ontario.


Advocate Coordinator

This individual is the CEF liaison to the churches in the community.  This individual will meet with pastors and other ministry leaders informing them about ministry opportunities and speak on CEF's behalf.


Because their passion for children’s ministry is so catchy, they also lead a team of advocates that communicate the vision of CEF to their local churches.

Club Coordinator

Seeing things run smoothly is one of the Club Coordinators greatest joys. They make sure local Good News Clubs and Slingshot Saturdays get all the material, training and support they need while making sure they submit their attendance to the provincial office.​

Summer Coordinator

The summer brings beautiful weather and amazing opportunities to share the gospel with thousands of children. The Summer Coordinator looks after all the behind the scenes details to make sure summer ministry flows smoothly in their area.​


Events Coordinator​

With a keen eye for detail, the Events Coordinator looks after finding venues and event details for local training and banquets.

While we are just in the beginning stages of building area teams we have already seen them make a significant impact in their areas.

If you have a passion for reaching children and are interested in serving in a leadership capacity we'd love to hear from you.  

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