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"God transforms hearts through the Gospel, and we have had the privilege of seeing Him transform the lives of children over and over again through camp ministries. It is our privilege to serve alongside a passionate team of people in this ministry. Many faithfully pray and sponsor children financially to attend camp. Others commit time to loving and teaching these children at camps. Are you passionate about sharing Christ with hurting children? Maybe God is calling you to join this team!"

                                            - Josh & Ashley McGuire, Camp Ministries Directors

Our Approach

Camp ministries are a part of our vision to invest long term in the lives of the disadvantaged children we reach through our club ministries. 


Even though it can be a heartbreaking, thankless ministry at times, our volunteer staff keep coming back again and again.

We currently offer three different camp opportunities:

  • Camp Good News

  • Weekend Retreats

  • Winter Rush

Camp Good News

Camp Good News is a week long overnight camp during the summer.  


It's a great week for kids where their biggest worries are "How much fun can I have?" and "What's for dessert?".  We've seen many lives changed and aren't surprised anymore to hear campers say their highlight was chapel. 

Since most of the children cannot afford to pay for the cost of camp we are always looking for people to sponsor them.  It only costs $175 to sponsor a child for a week of camp.

Weekend Retreats

Weekend retreats happen during the school year, usually in the fall and winter.

When a camper-turned-counsellor from the inner city was asked, "Do these retreats really make a difference for the kids?"  She passionately responded, "Yes!  It's like a breath of fresh air.  It's like they can breathe again!"

Winter Rush

Winter Rush is a week of Camp Good News during March break. ​

Want to get involved in a ministry that will turn you "inside-out-upside-down-right-side-up"?  Contact us today!

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