Bridging between your community and your local church.

CEF's club programs are designed to be a bridge between your community and your local church.  This gives you the opportunity to build relationships with kids and their parents to integrate them into your church.

How can CEF Help me and my church Reach Kids?

What we Offer In a Church Partnership:

"CEF was an amazing and a very effective tool to help us reach kids for God.  It opened the doors to not just reaching kids in the housing complex we lived in, but in the town of Gravenhurst."

Angela C.

Slingshot Volunteer

Gravenhurst, ON

  • Curriculum and training for Bible teachers and other volunteers

(at no cost to the partner church)​

  • Ongoing support

More than just an exchange of training or curriculum, we will be available for support and consultation as you seek to develop your outreach plan and strategy

Elements of a CEF Club:

CEF’s Bible based, gospel-centred curriculum gives you everything you need to have an effective outreach in your community. 

1. Engaging Bible Lessons taken right from the Bible.


2. Building relationships through games and free time.

3. Small groups to find out the kids understanding of God’s truth and an opportunity to help them understand more through conversation.

4. Fun Memory Verse games that help kids hide God’s word in their heart.

5. Relevant Music to get kids moving while they praise the Lord.

6. Exciting Missions time that encourages kids to reach out to those who don't know Christ.

"It's a great way to meet their older siblings, their parents, and friends in the community, just to tie everything together for the purpose of the Gospel.

I've just been blessed by the people who live here, and they've blessed me with relationships and friendships."

Dwight C.

Outreach Ministries Leader,

Rexdale Alliance Church

CEF Clubs can take place anywhere- in a church, a community centre, a home, or a school.

Good News Club

  • once a week

  • 1-1.5 hours

Slingshot Club

  • once a month

  • 4-5 hours

Interested in launching your club with an amazing summer outreach? Check out our summer ministry opportunities!

"There are kids that came to the program not knowing anything about God. Later... they would be memorizing Scriptures and reciting them to me! 

The kids bring the Gospel home. Families have come to know the Lord as a result of CEF's influence on the children."

Robin I. 

Slingshot Volunteer

Gravenhurst, ON