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Good News Club

Share the Word

Host a club in your community so kids can have fun together and learn about the gospel.

Everything you need

You get everything you need to lead the club, so you have more energy to focus on building relationships.

Flexible options

Whether it's summer time or during the school year, weekly or monthly, in-person or online, we have a program for you.

Continual support & training

You can always reach out to us if you need anything to assist you with your club.

Build fellowship

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A club provides kids with a sense of belonging and purpose, and something to look forward to.

Put the unity in community

Engaging Bible lessons

  • 24 week CEF Bible lesson plan

  • 4 STEM Stories

  • 8 worship songs with visuals

  • Memory verses

Fun memory verses

  • 4 books

  • 20 copies of each

Curated songs

  • Borrow 6 pieces of STEM equipment at a time

  • Can exchange 2 times a year

  • Choose from our library of 30+ pieces of STEM equipment


  • Posters

  • Invitations

Ongoing support

  • Posters

  • Invitations

Good News Club Bible lessons

Everything you need in one box

Online programs

Good News Clubs are currently online only! If you'd like to discuss in-person clubs, please email Josh.

If you are interested but feel you need additional support or resources, we can help! Just let us know.

Summer time

Summer Online

Use our versatile summer program for in-person or online ministry.

  • 5 consecutive days of one hour clubs that include songs, games, Bible lesson, memory verse and a missionary story

  • two trained Crew members (formerly CYIA) host your private 40 minute breakout room each day for online ministry

  • easy to use Zoom technology

  • Craft, game, snack and decorating ideas for in-person ministry if 

  • Available July 12-August 16, 2021


+ applicable taxes

School Year

Weekly Online

A safe and fun way to stay connected with the kids! 

  • 4 lesson series' to choose from

  • Each series has six -one hour- session, that include songs, games, Bible lesson, memory verse and a missionary story

  • Each component of the program is precorded so you can teach as little or as much as you want

  • Training & support is available

  • Can be used for mid-week, outreach or Sunday school programs


+ applicable taxes

Questions about Good News Clubs?

Ask Mariana

Make lasting memories

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Good News Clubs give kids a fun way to learn about God so that they stay engaged and learn together.

Kids just wanna have fun

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When we can share God's amazing love with kids at an early age they can grow up knowing they are loved and that He has a perfect plan for their lives.

Be the light

Provide guidance

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This year's theme will take the kids through an exciting journey through the Amazon — the rainforest, not the website. All while teaching kids about the gospel. 

(You will be taken to the website for CEF joint-ministry ventures across Canada.)

Wonders of the Amazon

Summer time theme