AT CEF we offer opportunities for young people to get full-time ministry and Kingdom building experience first hand.

"At CEF, not only did I recieve an opportunity to work but I was surrounded by spiritual powerhouse staff who encouraged and guided me. Every cheque and donation that came in from complete strangers was a miracle from God like manna from heaven, an affirmation that God is with me. The internship has also taught me a lot of the hardest yet very transformative lessons for ministry, like how prayer is my greatest labour. It was a big process of unlearning the world and relearning the kingdom. Although the daily can be mundane and seeing fruits can be challening, God taught me that He is working out His will in greater ways I would never imagine - and all glory will go to Him."

 - Cherie Wai, Social Media Intern

Interning with CEFOntario is an exciting way to learn more about the ins-and-outs of children's ministry and what goes on behind the scenes.  Interns with CEFOntario are trained, mentored and empowered to minister to children in a variety of settings.

We offer four different types of internships that range from four months to twenty-four months:

  1. Summer Internships: These internships are for students who intern with us on a full time basis from the beginning of May until Mid-August.  Interns in these roles are usually assigned to serve in either summer or camp ministry and may be eligible to receive government grants

  2. School InternshipsThese internships are for students who intern with us to fulfill a school requirement, usually during the school year.  The student will serve for a minimum of four months on a part-time or full-time basis to meet school requirements.

  3. Full-Time internshipsThese internships are designed for individuals who want to commit to serving with the ministry for a minimum of four months up to a maximum of twenty-four months, but not to fulfill a school requirement.  Full time is defined as serving anywhere between thirty to forty hours a week.

  4. Part-Time internshipsThese internships are designed for individuals who want to commit to serving with the ministry for a minimum of four months up to a maximum of twenty-four months on a part-time basis, but not to fulfill a school requirement. This can be anywhere between four to thirty hours a week, or sixteen to one hundred and twenty hours a month.

The cost of doing an internship varies depending on the work you are doing and where you are located.  Internships usually average between $350-$500/month.  

For more information on our internships download our Internship Information Package or call email us at

Intern Testimony: Ashley McGuire

“During my internship, I was continually serving in situations that pushed me out of my comfort zone and stretched my limits.  It was then- when I was afraid and knew my best efforts weren’t enough- that I learned to truly depend on God and trust in Him. 


I learned practical ministry skills, and discovered how my gifts could be used in God’s kingdom. I was blessed with opportunity to build relationships with kids week after week, by participating in regular clubs and programs.  Spending time with the kids in their communities gave me a deeper understanding of how they lived and the challenges they face individually.   


The staff at CEF were so focused on my growth. They were always looking to give me new opportunities that would challenge me.  They had so much grace for me when I made mistakes (sometimes big ones) and were always willing to give me a second chance. 


Interning with CEF opened my eyes- to a world that is broken and needy, to kids who are hurting and searching, and most importantly to a God who is more powerful than I had known and loves us more than I could have imagined. 


I began interning with CEF hoping that I could make a difference.  I wanted to change kids’ lives.  But when I walked away it was I who was changed, and I know I will never be the same. “