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A friend, who works with inner-city kids, recently shared with me some of the challenges the kids she works with are facing.  Aside from the usual dangers associated with living in a housing co-op, the kids were spending their days indoors, in a tiny townhouse for fear of catching COVID-19.  Most of them didn’t have the technology needed to do online schooling so they haven’t been able to keep up at all, but they were spending endless hours playing video games or watching movies.  To top it off, they don’t have air conditioning. 

As if life wasn’t hard enough for them before, I can’t imagine how hopeless life must seem right now.  However, my friend also shared that she had started a weekly online club for the kids and how much they enjoyed it.  When she played music the kids would often do the actions in the background and she would sometimes catch mom doing it too.  She was bringing a little bit of joy in a very difficult time.

Her testimony affirmed for me the importance of what CEF is doing this summer with our online 5-day clubs.  I am excited at the potential for the hope and joy we can bring into the homes of boys and girls across Canada this summer.  Many churches have already registered, as have young people.  But there’s always an opportunity for more!

It’s not too late to host a club or sign up as a summer missionary.  Would you help us bring hope and joy across the country this summer? 

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