Be Inspired... Embrace the Mess

When my boss asked me to create a Christmas photo with the kids, this is what I expected to make vs what turned out...

A raw and real depiction of the kids we serve at the Good News Club – crazy, rambunctious, disorderly, sweet, joyous, and each vibrantly unique.

They carry every child’s impeccable energy and simple mind, but also the burdens of being in single and low-income families. As a child, they face poverty, gang/gun/drug violence, family separation, and fights at school. Some of them carry a constant burden to achieve their own justice and protect themselves, often with an “eye for an eye” mentality.

The emotional baggage and insecurities, which they don’t know how to deal with, in turn, manifest in misconduct. They argue and fight. Say mean jokes and casually insult. Talk over each other and the lessons. Respond to discipline with sass and backtalk. Ask, demand, and never stop seeking for attention and offerings.

But when they come running to hug us each week, when the older kids look after the younger ones with care and protectiveness and when they come to moments of vulnerability to admit their faults, apologize and reconcile. I see they are some of the sweetest and strongest kids I know.

In them I see a full display of raw emotions and human struggles that many of us adults have learned to conceal – our brokenness, insecurities, and selfishness. I also see the Father’s compassionate, understanding, and forgiving heart towards His children, and a longing for us to be made right and reconcile with Him. The longer I serve, the more I see the need to be a source of God’s love and truth in the area. I don’t know what we’re equipping these children to do one day in our chaotic society, but I believe that they are all called to rise above the ashes and shine, and every one of their God-given purpose and destiny is one to fight for. What a privilege it’s been. Merry Christmas.

Cherie Wai CEF Intern

Please pray that we would finish with a strong year end that we could reach even more boys and girls in 2020

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