Be Inspired... "Even when we feel helpless..."

“Sometimes I’m really scared for my mom and the baby.”

Shortly after arriving at the retreat, I was talking with "Amy" about her younger siblings. She shared with me that her mom was going to be having a baby soon, but that there were a lot of complications. The doctors were worried about the baby and her mom. Amy said, “Sometimes I’m really scared for my mom and the baby.”  It was a comment that made me pause for a moment. Although I wished that I could assure her that everything would be okay, I couldn’t. The dangers were real and her concern was valid. So instead I asked, “What do you do when that happens?” 

“I pray,” Amy said. 

What Amy needed to know is no different than what you or I need to recognize. God is in control, even when we feel so helpless, and He is able to bring true peace and comfort to us, even when we are in the most difficult situations. The conversation was such a good reminder to me that we don't teach small truths to children. Amy needed to be encouraged and reminded of God's sovereignty and care in the same way that I do. Like her, I need to be reminded that although there is brokenness in our world because of sin, that God is going to make everything new - without sickness or death.  So thankful for these truths and that we were able to encourage Amy with them this weekend. You can be praying Amy and for a safe delivery for her mom! -Josh McGuire, Frontlines Ministries Director

Your financial gift helps provide kids like Amy the opportunity to go to clubs and camps where they can hear the gospel and be surrounded by people that will care for them. Would you give a gift today so more boys and girls across Ontario can hear the truth?

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