Be Inspired... He began reading John 1

We are always so encouraged by the faithful volunteers who share the gospel with boys and girls. Here’s a testimony we recently received from an online Slingshot Club in Orillia.

“One highlight from our last club was that at the end of the meeting, one child showed a Bible that his mother had received for Christmas. Doug (one of the leaders) suggested he start to read the Bible in the book of John.

The boy immediately looked in the Table of Contents and found the book of John. Immediately, he began reading John 1, and read the whole chapter without stopping!

Praise the Lord we had 7 children attending. Another praise note: because one of our activities is baking, the mothers are getting involved. Please pray for entire families to be save.

Victoria started a half-hour on-line Sunday School class in January. Three students attended the first week. They were all from our Slingshot club and aren't from a church background."

-Anna Roth

We are so thankful for those who faithfully continue to minister to boys and girls during this pandemic. Your financial gifts and prayers help make this happen. Thank you for continuing to make a difference.

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