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Be Inspired... schools made be closed, but...

The schools may be closed but the hearts of children continue to be open. Here’s an encouraging testimony from CEF staff member Yvette Hewitson:

“I did something wrong.”, said Jenny, one of my little girls who attends the Good News Club on Zoom. She just came out and said that as I was explaining the gospel points of God’s love, sin and salvation through Jesus.

It gave me the perfect opportunity to make sure Jenny understood it. When I asked Jenny and the other kids if they wanted to believe in Jesus, she put up her hand, as did others. I knew some already believed before but I lead them through the sinner’s prayer and asked if anyone said it for the first time, she put up her hand, as well as a young boy named Gus. We congratulated and prayed for both of them and continued the club.

Yvette Hewitson

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