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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Ed was visiting the club for the first time and was in the midst of his application process to become a volunteer driver for kids who needed rides.  Some of the kids attending were quiet and shy at first but as the morning went on they began to be more engaged. "Look, they're getting involved!"  Ed leaned over and said to me as we watched the Bible lesson being taught.

As he listened to the volunteers teaching from Scripture and clearly communicating the Gospel he said, "This is amazing!" As part of the application process, I did a formal interview with Ed that day. I asked him why he wanted to serve. He said, "When I heard about the program and the need for kids to have rides, I felt it was a great opportunity to serve so that children could hear the Gospel." After visiting, Ed said, "This club is great! I'm willing to help with driving or anything else behind the scenes to make this happen."

I was so inspired by Ed's heart- for the kids, for the Gospel, and for serving God in whatever way was needed. I pray that I too would be willing to serve God in whatever way He guides! 

Often, I think our tendency is to be drawn towards serving in ways that are noticed and applauded by others; we think like this: "My time is very valuable. How can I serve in a way that utilizes my time for maximum impact?"

While thinking about effectiveness and making the most of our time isn't necessarily a bad thing, sometimes we need to be reminded that the most important thing is to faithfully serve where God leads us!   

While taking a Saturday once a month to drive a car might not seem like a glamorous form of service and it might seem like a lot of time commitment with little results, there's no telling how God can use these faithful acts of service for His kingdom and for His glory! 

Josh McGuire Frontlines Ministries Director

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