Be Inspired... What's Sunday School?

My son, Jonathan (age 9), has been inviting his friend “Eric” to our church’s “Kids Night Out” for the past few weeks.  Eric has been coming regularly and came to church with our family a couple weeks ago.  As we walked from the car to the church I gave Eric a quick rundown of what to expect.  When I was done he turned to look at me and asked, “What’s Sunday School?” For most of the church service I kept hearing the question, “What’s Sunday School?” in my heart, and couldn’t stop thinking about the thousands of boys and girls in Ontario who have never gone to Sunday School, never set foot in a church, and never heard of the love of Jesus.  There are thousands who never will if we don’t do something about it. Everything we were able to do this year happened because you cared, because you gave.  Thank you for support of the ministry.  Please pray for God’s continued provision and direction for the ministry so kids like “Eric” might meet Jesus.

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Sharing Jesus

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