Be Inspired… Where can you find Jesus outside?

Intern, Cherie Wai, shares a lesson a club kid taught her in February:


“Kendra” disrupted me with this random question when I was preparing for Good News Club back in February. He doesn’t usually strike up conversations about God.

“Cherie, come, where can you find Jesus outside?” he asked again, urging me to go to the windows.

Although I knew that Jesus is everywhere and in our hearts, I didn’t expect a child to understand this. So I downplayed his question, thinking he meant something literal or physical.

“Uh is there a picture of Him outside? Is it on the roof?”

“No... Do you give up?”

“Ya. Where’s the photo or statue?”

“Well, the answer is that He’s everywhere! He’s in creation. You can’t see Him, but He’s there!”

Wow. I felt played! I totally knew the answer... but did I? Did I truly lived and did ministry like God’s presence was around me? Was I aware of how He’s moving in the places I worked in? Surely, I was not aware of how God was working in Kendra’s heart beyond my observation and expectations.

Have you been asking the same question? Where is God to be found in the midst of this pandemic and great difficulties? While we tend to find God in the tangible blessings and physical church gatherings, He is also indeed everywhere – in the unknown and unseen.

May God open up our eyes to see the work of His hands and sense His presence in times of uncertainties. May we grasp this child-like faith to believe in His omnipresence that will empower us to delight in hardships and shine as His kingdom builder whenever we are, whatever time we’re in.

Deut. 31:8 “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

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