Joyful Voice From "Behind the Scenes"

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It’s easy to miss the people behind the scenes who help make the ministry possible. Celebrating 15 years of ministry with CEFOntario this year, we sat down with our faithful Financial Director, Letty Pun, and asked her a few questions to get her perspective on the ministry.

15 years is a long time to be serving or working anywhere, why have you committed so much of your life to CEF?

15 years is a long time. The longer I work in CEF, the more I love this organization.  CEF workers have so much love for children. Their love is genuine, selfless and sometimes sacrificial. The workers are all very gifted and could have worked in a profitable profession. But they responded to God’s calling and committed themselves wholeheartedly to the ministry. I respect and love this group of people that I work with and would like to provide good administrative backup for them. No other organization would care for the salvation of kids as much as CEF.

How have you seen the ministry grow or change over your 15 years?

I have seen the ministry grow a lot. It is now more focused, more organized, more structured and more effective in sharing the Gospel with kids. 

Due to geographic dispersion, each staff member seemed to be just working by themselves without central support. Recently the situation has improved a lot after organizational restructuring. We have a much stronger and organized team now.  

Also, with God’s blessing, we moved from a tiny office in Markham to a Camp and Conference Centre in Brantford and now have our own facility to run camps, retreats and training events. Our little literature store evolved to include an online web store and is now a good resource for children’s workers. People can also give online and do e-transfers, helping us reach out to more donors from different demographics.

What are some challenges you have faced serving with CEF?

There are always times when we receive very little financial support and cash flow. I really have to manage payables carefully. I’ve learned to have more faith in such challenging times. Seeing first-hand how God provides and carries us through the financially tough times has been a really good experience for me.

Can you share with me a time when you saw God work in a special way at CEF?

About 10 years ago we struggled often with our operating fund deficit. A few times when I was about to send out a request to staff asking them not to cash their paycheques, donations came in. At the right time, we received financial gifts that would allow us to cash our cheques.  Eventually, our deficit was removed and we had enough to purchase the Brantford Camp and Conference Centre. 

“‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit” says the Lord.”  God is at work in CEF.

What would you like to say to everyone who supports the ministry financially and prayerfully?

I would like to tell everyone who supports the ministry financially, and prayerfully, that I truly appreciate your love and generosity.  Every dollar received is an encouragement to our workers.  Your gifts tell us that you are with us and you love to see children getting to know Jesus. Your prayers and financial support are the fuel to get the ministry rolling.  I can be a witness of how your giving has become life-transforming vehicles.  Thanks for your blessings to the children of Ontario. 

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