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No Dents, Please!

Here’s a refreshing word from CEF Ontario staff member, Amy Oosterloo. I recently bought a kitchen island that you had to build yourself. My husband was busy the day it arrived, so I decided to build it myself. I like to think I’m pretty handy, so I figured I could handle it. Everything was going smoothly, until I got to the part where I had to put the counter top on. As I was attempting to lift this very heavy piece, it slipped from my hands and fell to the ground. The worse part is, it fell onto another piece and dented the top of the counter – now there will forever be a dent in my island! Immediately my husband came running upstairs and upon seeing what happened simply said, “you know, I could have helped you with that.” If we aren’t careful, our spiritual lives can begin to look the same way. We look at the difficult things and think we are capable. Since we think we are capable, we don’t talk to God regularly. In turn, we often struggle needlessly with burdens God did not intend for us. Thankfully, we have Jesus. In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus calls us to come to Him with our burdens and rest in Him. He also says that He will teach us. How? Well, Jesus painted the clearest picture of what it means to rest in God.

  • He prayed often.

  • He experienced physical and emotional needs; took naps when needed, cried when He was sad.

  • Jesus modelled what it meant to rest in God better than anyone!

So, are you resting in God? Or are you trying to do it all on your own? Are you exhausted and out of patience after being home all day, every day? Let’s go to God and give Him our burdens and rest in Him. No more dented counter tops, please.

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Keep Building the Kingdom!

Heather Penner

Youth Ministries Director

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