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Stay Out of the Microwave!

Last week we talked about being hot or cold, but never lukewarm, that we have to make a decision to be all for Christ, or we’re not at all for Christ. There is no in between.

But what happens when some of the world’s ideas begin to seep into our way of thinking? What happens when we start to cool off? In Hebrews 13:5 we read that God said, “I will never abandon you.”

Well, what do I do when my coffee is cooled too much by the milk? Do I throw it out? No. I still want the coffee. But it can not stay lukewarm.

So I heat it up.

The microwave is one of my favourite appliances. I use it to heat my coffee when the milk has cooled it, or when it’s been sitting too long away from the heat source.

I have refined you, but not as silver is refined. Rather, I have refined you in the furnace of suffering. Isaiah 48:10 NLT

Being “heated” up can be painful, but I’m so thankful that God loves us enough to put us in the “microwave” so that we can once again be acceptable to Him. How terrible it would be if He dumped us down the drain every time we cooled off!

The best way to avoid the “microwave” is to stay near the heat source by spending time with God in prayer and in His Word every day. And when you do walk through trials, remember that God is warming you up. Look to Him for strength and He will take you through it. And you’ll be stronger on the other side.

Keep Seeking the Kingdom!

Heather Penner

Youth Ministries Director

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