Sharing Jesus with Ontario's Children

Serve With Us

We believe three things about our volunteers:

   1.    We believe volunteers can do what staff members can, and sometimes better

   2.    We believe in investing in our volunteers as much as we do in the children we reach

   3.    We believe no matter the role, our volunteers are making an eternal difference in the lives of boys and girls


If you have a burden to reach children, at CEFOntario you can use your gifts and abilities to make an eternal impact.  Whether you want to work directly with children or  behind the scenes we have a place for you.


Volunteers are the backbone of our ministry, without them we wouldn't be able to reach the children we do.

We have a wide variety of opportunities that range from, but are not limited to:

  • stuffing envelopes

  • making phone calls

  • preparing snacks

  • teaching children

  • directing camps

Every job makes a difference!

"We are all important parts in God's Church whether the task is big or small, and these things unite us all in His Name."

 -Barb Partridge (Mailing Volunteer)


Christian Youth in Action are young men and women of God who are passionate about sharing Jesus with Ontario's children. 


It all begins with two weeks of training (at the end of the school year) followed by direct ministry to children in a region of Ontario for up to six weeks in a variety of Vacation Bible School, 5-Day Club and camp settings.

These young people then have the opportunity to serve with us in various capacities throughout the school year.


If you've graduated from high school and are looking for excellent, practical, hands-on training in ministry to children we have some exciting intern opportunities for you.

As an intern you won't just minister to children, you'll also discover all the work that goes on behind the scenes, be mentored by experienced ministry staff and receive excellent training. You'll be stretched, challenged and blessed as you serve with us.

We customize every internship to better suit your passions, gifts, abilities and availability.  We'll even modify them to fit criteria for your university or college requirements if needed.

Internships range anywhere from four months to one year.


In size, Ontario is Canada's second largest province.  In population, Ontario is easily Canada's most populated.  

To reach the two million children in Ontario, who don’t know Jesus, it is our desire to build a team of volunteer leaders in every school district who are passionate about reaching the children in their communities.  


In partnership with the local church we believe together, we can make a significant impact in reaching Ontario's children.

Everything by Prayer

There is a huge spiritual battle for the lives of boys and girls and we are always looking for people to join our army of prayer warriors in this battle, whether you are able to pray daily or monthly.

If you'd like to pray for the ministry and receive prayer needs as they arise please contact our Prayer Ministries Coordinator.  We covet your prayers!

Here's a free downloadable booklet about prayer written by J. Irwin Overholtzer, the founder of CEF, who known as the “weeping prophet”.


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