Teacher Training

CEF is a world leader when it comes to training with over 80 years of international experience in ministry to children.


With over 80 years of international experience in ministry to children CEF is a world leader when it comes to training.  Even though we have costs associated with our training, we believe so much in the importance of training for ministry to children we make every effort to make sure that money is not a reason that we can't provide training for you.  We'll also come on site to do the training whenever possible.

We offer two types of training:

  • Super Seminars

  • Foundations for Teaching


Super seminars (Teach Kids!) are one hour courses that teach on a variety of subjects ranging from Classroom Management to Preparing a Bible lesson.  If there's a subject to be taught in children's ministry chances are we have a seminar for it.

We also have seminars on spiritual parenting and grand parenting where we challenge parents and grandparents to leave a spiritual legacy for their children and grandchildren.

Super seminars are customizable and we usually recommend a half day of training (three seminars) or a full day (six seminars).


Foundations for Teaching (FFT) is a eighteen hour course that is covered over two weekends.   FFT is a set of super seminars that adds practicums for the students where they will present a Wordless book demo, Memory Verse and Bible lesson.  It's more intensive than the Super Seminars and a bigger commitment, but we find students have a higher retention of what they learned because of the practicums.  *It is specifically designed for those wanting to begin a Good News Club in their community.   

We have two Foundations for Teaching (FFT)courses available which must be taken in order:

  • FFT 1: Evangelism

  • FFT 2: Discipleship

"I was thinking I would just be gathering information, so I was so blessed to get some new, fresh and exciting hands on tools for teaching the gospel."

-Paulette Wyville

"I expected the entire course to be about how to teach the Bible so I was pleasantly surprised to find out we were covering games, music and memory verse as well."

FFT Student 

"I enjoyed every moment of the training. Everyone doing the teaching showed so much professionalism and kindness to each one of us. God's Spirit was evident in every activity and the dedication from all of you was a real blessing.It was clear that the whole experience was bathed in prayer."  -Volunteer Marguerite Nash